Specific Disabilities

Sign Language Interpreter Request Form 

Click HERE to access the request form. This form is for sign language interpreter requests made by immediate family members of students and by employees of the St Vrain Valley School District. Your request will be submitted directly to Lena Arvidson, the Sign Language Interpreter Coordinator for St Vrain Valley Schools, who will confirm your request. If you have questions, please contact: martien_amy@svvsd.org.

Below is a list of the various disability categories or physical or health conditions that may have a significant impact on a student's ability to learn and result in an educational disability. If you click on a disability category, you will be directed to the CDE website which will provide more information about a specific area.

For additional information or questions on the District's programs, contact Laura Hess, the Executive Director of Special Education or call (303) 772-7700 x 57842