Significant Support Needs

Students with significant support needs are highly diverse learners with extensive needs in the areas of cognition and/or learning, communication, movement and social/emotional abilities. The individual may also have concurrent health, sensory, physical and/or behavioral disabilities.

Students with significant support needs require:

  • Various approaches and supports to demonstrate knowledge and skills
  • Intensive instruction in literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills in order to acquire and generalize knowledge
  • Substantial adaptations (modifications and accommodations) and/or ongoing supports to access grade level curriculum
  • Access to assistive technology tools to communicate, learn and demonstrate their knowledge
  • Progress to be measured by observation, data collection, assessment, and work samples
  • Individualized levels of support across major life activities in home, school, and community

SSN School Locations

  • Altona Middle School         
  • Blue Mountain Elementary
  • Rocky Mountain Elementary
  • Thunder Valley (K-8)
  • Timberline PK-8
  • All the district high schools (Erie HS, Frederick HS, Longmont HS, Lyons Middle/Senior, Mead HS, Niwot HS, Silver Creek HS, Skyline HS)
  • LSAce